Design Thinking Toolkit

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The Design Thinking Toolkit is an actionable tool to apply Design Thinking in your business and personal projects whether you are an individual, startup or a seasoned company. It helps you understand better and question the status quo and guides you through tools and framework you need to kick off your projects, and bring your ideas to life.

Design Thinking is about looking at the context from a strong user centred perspective, design thinking is about working in teams that are multidisciplinary, and helps you solve wicked problems. With an open design attitude that questions the obvious and seeks feedback.

This toolkit will assist to:

  •  (re-)design products or services
  • develop or improve processes
  • adapt or create your business model and ecosystem
  • Innovate !

The toolkit is devised in 7 section and contains 54 cards, each section starts by explaining the mood and attitude to observe and ends with a synthesis card.