DIY geodome STL files

8.00 incl. VAT

STL files that will allow you to print your own Geodesic dome connector as in the attached pictures.
You can finalize the dome with electrical conduit tubes of diameter 16 or 5/8 of an inch (RLM-16) available in most DIY stores worldwide (the standard is the same).

This purchase allows you to build 1 dome for yourself or one of your client. (instruction manual included as a PDF file)

This is the result of many hours of development and tests over the course of several months, in order to ensure that it is printable without supports and that pieces do not break or pose a risk while assembled.

While we do not have professional pictures taken to present the product there is a 45% early adopter discount.
If you so happen to be willing to take these pictures we are ready to purchase them from you.

For finalizing the dome you will need the following:

– 30 3 ways connectors (printed by you)
– 10 2 ways connectors (printed by you)
– 50 pieces of tube of the same length RLM-16 or 5/8 of an inch
    (standard size electrical conduit available in all diy stores).
– white glue (PVA) or other glue at your convenience.

Download stl files and assembly instruction upon completion of your order.
– 3 way connector STL file
– 2 way connector (bottom) STL file
– assembly instructions and tips PDF file

Disclaimer: This product is not officially certified, SIA Design Elevator can not be responsible for any incident or accidents happening in the making or using of the product.